The Post Surgery Knee Replacement Course

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An online course to answer all questions you have after your knee replacement so you can ensure success.

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I already had my knee replaced, but now I have so many questions.

This course will cover everything after surgery including why you still have stiffness, swelling and pain, when can you return to work. We also have exercise ideas listed.

The topics covered:

  • First day in the hospital
  • Home health vs. Outpatient physical therapy
  • How to get in/out of bed, the shower, the car
  • How to use a walker or cane
  • Exercises and stretching
  • Rest and elevation 
  • Common symptoms
  • Common questions 1 day to 1 year post surgery 

…and many more topics.

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I want you to feel confident with your decision to have a knee replacement and have all the tools you need to succeed. This is a long journey and I will help you answer all your questions.”

Dr. Samantha Smith PT, DPT

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Post Surgery Course


  • Day 1 in hospital to 1 year after surgery 
  • 3+ hours of video content 
  • Exercise and stretching ideas with modifications 
  • Review of FAQs in detail at each phase of recovery
  • Handouts and checklists available for reference for later use
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