The Pre Surgery Knee Replacement Course

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An online course to help you decide if getting a knee replacement surgery is right for you.

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I might want to get my knee done, but I am not sure if this is the right decision.

This course will cover help you decide if getting your knee replaced is the right decision for you. You will learn what exactly happens, how to pick your surgeon and how to prepare your body, home and caregivers.

The topics covered:

  • What is a knee replacement?
  • Do I qualify for a knee replacement?
  • Realistic expectations: 1st day post surgery to 1 year post surgery
  • What happens during surgery
  • Picking a surgeon and scheduling
  • Pre-hab exercises
  • Preparing your family and home
  • Equipment recommendations to make recovery easier

…and many more topics.

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This is a HUGE decision. Making sure you pick the right surgeon, prepare yourself ahead of time are crucial to the success of your surgery. This course will prepare you 100%.”

Dr. Samantha Smith PT, DPT

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Pre Surgery Course


  • First 4-5 months prior to surgery review
  • Pre-hab exercises to start
  • 3+ hours of video content
  • Check lists and home exercise programs you can print for easy reference
  • Common FAQs answered in detail
  • BONUS section: what to expect right after surgery

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