Everything you need to know to SUCCEED with your new knee.  

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Exercise Classes

Pre-Surgery Exercise Class

6 week workout program to help you get ready for your knee replacement or help delay surgery.

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Post-Surgery Exercise Class

4-Week Strength, Balance & Stretching Class for individuals 3+ months post surgery. Includes LIVE Q&A with Dr. Samantha Smith PT each week to discuss symptoms and exercises.

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Educational Courses

 Prehab Course

This course will cover what exercises to complete before your knee replacement surgery. Each exercise is designed to improve your rehabilitation process after surgery. There will be three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced


  • Full leg exercises (emphasis on quad muscle)
  • Stretching exercises
  • Core & arm exercises
  • Home exercise program print out

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BUNDLE Knee Replacement Course

This course will cover what to expect before, during and after your knee replacement surgery. We will cover from picking a surgeon all the way to what to expect 12 months post surgery. 


  • Pre-hab course
  • Pre-surgery course
  • Post-surgery course
  • Exercises from day 1 to day 365
  • Home exercise print outs

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 Post-surgery Course

This course is for someone who has already had the surgery and has a lot of questions about symptoms, strengthening exercises and getting full range of motion. 


  • Strengthening exercises day 1 to day 365 post surgery. 
  • Knee flexion/extension stretching ideas
  • FAQs after surgery 
  • Pain, swelling and stiffness education
  • Home exercise program print out

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 Pre-surgery Course

This course will help you decide if getting your knee replaced is the right decision for you. You will learn what exactly happens, how to pick your surgeon and how to prepare your body, home and caregivers.


  • Full Pre-hab exercise program ($49 value)
  • Equipment recommendations
  • How to pick the best surgeon
  • What to expect after surgery

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