Pre-Surgery Exercise Class

Specialized exercise class to get your knee ready for knee replacement surgery or prevent/delay surgery

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I am getting ready for my surgery OR
I want to try to 
delay surgery

This self-guided class entails 6 weeks of exercise classes. There will be 5 workouts per week. Each workout will be 20-30 minutes long. You can choose any day or time to complete the class (they are pre-recorded). 

This class focuses on:

  • improving quad strength
  • improve arm strength 
  • improve core strength
  • reduce knee pain
  • improve your knee bending and straightening
  • improve your outcomes post surgery
  • strengthening hips
  • improve balance
  • learning about the surgery and why strengthening certain muscles is so important


Requirement’s to enroll in the class: 

  • You are safe to exercise.

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If you are not satisfied, this class can be refunded within 14 days of purchase date.

Pre-Surgery Exercise Class


  • 6 weeks of workouts
  • All 30 workouts to help improve your strength and mobility.
  • 3 leg workouts per week
  • 2 arm/core workouts per week.
  • All workouts 20-30 minutes long
  • Modifications & Advanced options in all workouts.
  • Access to Dr. Samantha Smith PT for questions.
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Why is pre-surgery exercise important?

Research shows us improving strength and blood flow to the legs pre-surgery can improve post surgery strength, mobility and function. That means it can make your recovery easier!

There is a lot of damage to your muscles post-surgery so setting yourself up for success is so important. 

The exercise class not only focuses on your leg muscles, but also your arms and core. You will be using your arms to help lift you for the first few weeks after surgery due to leg pain and weakness. 

Can these exercise delay or prevent my surgery?

It can. Exercise is shown to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Research states sticking with a consistent exercise program that does not increase pain can be beneficial. The exercise program should be at least 6 weeks for maximal benefit, but starting at any time is better than nothing!

This exercise program is structured to improve mobility and pain with simple movements. The exercise program gets more challenging as you move through the weeks. There are modifications to all exercises if they are too difficult for you. 

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