The BUNDLE Knee Replacement Course

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An online course to help you through your journey with your total knee replacement.

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I need to get my knee done, but I don’t know what to expect.

This course will cover everything from how to pick surgeon, how to strengthen your body before surgery, what to do/expect 1 day to 1 year post surgery

The topics covered:

  • What is a total knee replacement?
  • Do I qualify for a knee replacement?
  • Realistic expectations
  • What happens during surgery
  • Picking a surgeon and scheduling
  • Pre-hab exercises
  • First day in the hospital
  • How to get in/out of bed, the shower, the car
  • How to use a walker or cane
  • Exercises day 1-365
  • Knee flexion stretching ideas
  • Knee extension stretching ideas
  • Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA)
  • Scar tissue
  • Stiffness and swelling
  • Rest and elevation 

…and many more topics.

I want you to feel confident with your decision to have a knee replacement and have all the tools you need to SUCCEED. This is a long journey and this course will help you answer all your questions.

Dr. Samantha Smith PT, DPT

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5/5 star reviews

Full Knee Replacement Course


  • All Pre-hab exercises/stretches to prepare yourself for surgery
  • Pre & Post- Surgery course
  • Video demonstration of exercises to complete 1 day to 1 year post-surgery
  • Exercise program print outs for each phase of rehab
  • 4+ hours of video content 
  • FAQs answered in detailed from pre-surgery to 1 year post-surgery
  • Evidence based information based on research and experience from Dr. Samantha Smith’s practice as a Physical Therapist
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